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The Global Campaign for
Religious Prisoners of Conscience (RPOCs)

The Global Campaign for Religious Prisoners of Conscience (RPOCs), to be launched at the 2022 IRF Summit, seeks to raise awareness about violations around the world of the right to religious freedom. Governments and non-state actors commit these violations, which have led to an untold number of people being unjustly imprisoned for their religious beliefs, actions, and/or advocacy.

Central to the Campaign is its focus on people, individual RPOCs, who suffer the often-devastating consequences of unjust laws and/or practices. Working in support of RPOCs not only helps them know that they are not forgotten, but also draws attention to the actions of governments and non-state actors that led to their imprisonment. Ultimately, we want these prisoners of conscience freed and repressive laws, policies and practices changed.

The Campaign is designed to be


Advocates from diverse parts of the world will jointly speak out on behalf of each and every RPOC selected for the Campaign


The Campaign will be featured at local, regional and international forums year round.


Campaign activities will intensify so as to build up international pressure on governments holding them captive.

The Global Campaign for RPOCs includes

  • Disseminating information about RPOCs at international forums 

  • Collecting signatures for petitions, letters and postcards advocating for unconditional release of RPOCs.

  • Putting on training workshops and panel presentations.

  • Holding social media and other media events.

Media coverage

Current Campaign

Past Campaign

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